Patrick Alvord
Patrick Alvord

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Obituary of Patrick Ceili Alvord

Patrick Ceili Alvord June 23, 1995 – March 22, 2019.

Warner Robins, GA - Patrick, the youngest of 4 children, leaves behind his mother Cathy Jo Alvord and father David A. Alvord, sister Bonnie Alvord, and brothers Ian Alvord (CPA) and Sgt Casey Alvord (USMC).

Patrick enjoyed being with friends and often served them by giving them rides.  His middle name Ceili means a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering and usually involves dancing and playing Gaelic folk music.  He used to quip, “PARTY is my middle name!”.  He liked a wide variety of music, video games, you-tube videos about unusual topics or little known facts, and puttering in the garage making things out of wood. 

He was often positive and cheerful, but he was born with a monkey on his back which became noticeable in the third grade and grew as he grew.  School was very difficult for him, and his intermittent mental health problems made life complex.  Doctors prescribed him medications, but they fell short of a cure.  He worked a wide variety of part-time jobs.  As work became harder to obtain, he decided to take his own life.

You don’t know how much you loved somebody until they are gone. His family loved him, prayed for him, grieved for him, but could find no way to help him.
He never professed faith in the gospel.  It seems his mind was too addled to objectively consider it.  May God have mercy.

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